Legal Information

Stichting Leeway for Arts

Postal Address: Haagweg 6, 2311 AA Leiden.

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Mission statement: We provide artists with opportunities for creative interaction where they can develop their practice through mutual learning and critical reflection with an emphasis on the creative processes.

Supervisory Board (Raad van Toezicht): Marja Wouters (president), Marijn de Langen, Diego Sepulveda. The members of the board receive no remuneration.

Directors: Floor van Leeuwen (artistic director), Carlos Roos (artistic director), Anneke Tonen (business manager).

Policies 2020: the first move towards fulfilling our mission is to set up the Development Programme, whereby artists will be provided with structured spaces of social interaction for mutual and formal learning as well as critical reflection. To that end, the foundation will apply for national and international funding. Contingency: the directors, with the support of the Supervisory Board and third-party advisers, will design two plans of action as per the best case-scenario and worst case-scenario regarding the success of said applications. At any rate, the Development Programme in either version (best or worst case), shall begin operations in 2021. Ethics: by the nature of our project, every call for proposals and the introduction for every cohort of participants should refer, in one way or another, to the Fair Practice Code, the Culture Governance Code and the Diversity Code. It would be difficult to understand what we are attempting to do otherwise. In so doing, we also contribute to the promotion of the codes. Remunerations: all remunerations paid by the foundation, including those of the directors as well as any other hiring, will be based on the CAO agreement for the artistic sector in a spirit of fairness and transparency. Governance: the directors will ensure best practice in the foundation’s operations. The supervisory board is tasked with a review of the organisation’s performance in terms of good governance at every session of supervision in the annual cycle.